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For some time I knew that my hearing had gone down hill but did nothing about it until I learnt that Simon Falk was now offering an “Audiology” facility. The hearing test carried out by Roopal confirmed in detail that my hearing had indeed deteriorated to the point where hearing aids would be appropriate. Roopal without any pressure took me through the various options that I could consider, and having agreed what I was prepared to spend, my personalised hearing aids tuned to my prescription were obtained and fitted. The following 6 weeks saw me returning to Roopal on a couple of pre-arranged follow up occasions to have slight fine tuning adjustments made to my aids. The result is that I can now hear so much better, the treatment and attention from Simon Falk via Roopal worked really well for me, and I could recommend this facility to anyone. I now have no excuse for not hearing what my wife is saying to me!


“The treatment and attention from Simon Falk via Roopal worked really well for me...

John Miller

“I can now hear speech more reliably...


As I got older, I realised that my hearing was less good than it used to be. Other people were obviously sometimes hearing things that I didn't and occasionally I struggled to hear what was being said in meetings etc.

Simon Falk used email to promote the new audiologist working at his practice and I arranged to see her for a hearing test. This showed that I would benefit from hearing aids and Roopal explained the different types that were available in various price ranges, such that I felt able to make an informed choice to buy a particular pair.

Two weeks later I saw Roopal again where she helped me to learn to use the hearing aids and explained what I could expect as I got used to them. Indeed it did seem a little strange at first.

Now a month later again, I have seen Roopal for two further follow-up appointments, where she has monitored the data and made some useful adjustments.

I feel that the whole experience has been very beneficial to me. For example, I can now hear speech more reliably, music sounds a lot better and I can hear birdsong again!

I would like to thank Roopal for her care throughout this process.


“I can now hear speech more reliably...

Malcolm Christie

“Roopal was very sympathetic to my situation and advised me thoroughly..."

"Roopal visited me in my house to assess the state of my hearing, which had been a concern for a moderately long period of time. Having had a stroke I required hearing aids which were easy to use. Roopal was very sympathetic to my situation and advised me thoroughly of my options of hearing aid types.  She carried out a very comprehensive hearing test and explained the results to me clearly. She also recommended the most suitable type of aids and supplied them on her second visit. Her explanation of how to manage them was clear and precise. She arranged a follow-up visit and I was able to tell her that the hearing aids were completely satisfactory and had made a huge difference to my ability to communicate with others.

Roopal combined a high degree of professionalism with a warm and sympathetic personality. She was dependable and kept her appointments as arranged, telephoning to reassure me when on the way. She is the sort of person who would be welcome in any home being calm, friendly and non-intrusive."


John Mulholland

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