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Simon Falk and Hannah Croft are two of only a handful of opticians in the North of England that possess specialist Keratoconus fitting skills and have developed years of experience putting those skills to practise to help many people.


The diagnosis of and management of Keratoconus is one of our core services. Keratoconus ( is a degenerative disorder of the eye. Structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and change to a more conical shape instead of its normal gradual curve. It can cause substantial distortion of vision, with multiple images, streaking and sensitivity to light.


It is typically diagnosed in adolescent years and becomes most severe in the twenties and thirties. If afflicting both eyes, the deterioration in vision can affect the ability to drive a car or read normal print.


Traditional management of KC was with rigid gas permeable contact lenses. These were often uncomfortable but most importantly the disease process and corneal thinning did not stop.


All progressive KC sufferers should now undertake corneal cross-linking with riboflavin, which stops the progression of the cornea thinning, and stabilises the cornea and preserves vision. Please click here to find out more


Once the cornea has been treated, visual rehab with contact lenses will give best vision.

There is no doubt now, that the sooner the corneas are strengthened by C3R the better the visual outcome. Indeed Accuvision have care quality commission authority to start treatment from as early as 12 years old.


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What our customers say

“I underwent cross linking surgery back in March 2012...


...I must admit a degree of apprehension when I signed on the dotted line on the morning of the procedure. However the team were excellent and very professional giving a lot of needed reassurance. I followed all their advice regarding hygiene and applying the antibiotic eye drops and the whole process was a success. The degree of discomfort for me was minimal and far less than I had expected. If you need to undergo this procedure I can personally recommend you speak with the team at Simon Falk in Leeds.”


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