It has been a little time since I have written so I thought a newsletter might be a good way of letting you know what we have been up to?

Firstly, I do hope this finds you and all your family well. It does look like we are approaching better times, which will be great, and we are preparing for those in the practice.

Professional Services

During Lockdown 3.0 we have been planning and introducing new services to the practice.

Home Visits

We have launched our Homecare Service, where we have formed a partnership with Opticall to provide eye examinations at home. Caroline and Sarah, who provide the service are hugely experienced in home examinations and will have access to all our frames and lens manufacturers. If you or friends or family require home examination. Please do get in touch.

Visual Stress

We have invested in new computer software to assess for Visual Stress. (Meares-Irlen Syndrome). Read EZ is a simple computerised test to evaluate if coloured overlays or tints will help to eliminate symptoms when reading. You can even get a licence for your PC to add the colour to your computer screen.

If you would like more information, please contact me at


We are the first practice in the UK, to offer Right Eye functional eye movements assessment. This has huge application in sport, reading and associated binocular visual stress. It works by assessing your eye movements. Often people have good stable vision on a test chart, but the 2 eyes do not coordinate well together. Simple measurement and training can very much help.

Right Eye fits very neatly with READ EZ for visual stress.


Not only this, but eye movements can also be affected post traumatic brain injury. Having the facility to measure eye movements is proving extremely useful in managing concussions.

If you would like further information, please contact me at or look at


We have relaunched our Audiology service , following Roopal leaving to start a family. Jason Hill now attends once a week to provide all Audiology services. He will have completed his wax removal course shortly too. Your hearing test is complimentary and highly recommend once we reach 50!




Hannah has undertaken Part one of her independent prescribing course and now is doing her training on site with an Ophthalmologist. However, the bigger news is she is pregnant with her second child. We are delighted for her. She will be going on Maternity leave on July 8th.
We are pleased to announce we have secured the services of Leah Khan, initially on a 12-month maternity contract. Therefore, our capacity will not be affected.

Myopia Management


Our Myopia (short sighted) Management services is being headed by Julie Clarkson, our contact lens optician. Myopia has increased dramatically over the last 20 years and anticipated to double again. All short-sighted people are at a greater risk of Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment and Macular ( Myopic ) degeneration. If we are able to reduce the severity of myopia as a child develops this will help greatly in later life. There are several solutions we use to slow or halt the progression of Myopia. 

Have a look at our web site for more details. Myopia Control or watch the video below.


You can contact Julie at

Julie Clarkson

(Contact Lens Optician)


Gina and Sharon have been busily restocking our frame ranges since January. We have had new frames from:

Silhouette, Tom Davies, Tom Ford, Gucci, Prodesign, Mykita, Face a Face, Ray-ban

We have launched Johann Van Goisern frames (featured above) and a new range for teens / younger adults called Charles Stone. We have updated all our other ranges too. The coming year we plan to introduce new and exclusive frames to the practice.


Contact Lenses

Early in the year we were chosen to be a trialling practice for the new Precision 1 contact lens. A brand-new lens that offers unrivalled comfort. This is available as an astigmatic lens too now. Its success has been amazing. Currently you can get 90 pairs of lenses and only pay for 60.


Spectacle Lenses

As ever we are keeping abreast of all the new developments in spectacle lenses.
Zeiss, Essilor and BBGR have all launched new Multifocal designs which all help reduce distortion and improve comfort when wearing Multifocals.

We also stock No Fog wipes and special Anti-fog cloths for keeping your spectacles clear when using a mask. At only £5 for either they are an inexpensive way of looking after your spectacles.


We have ordered a brand-new OCT machine with the latest software and diagnostic ability to further enhance our examination. Also, a new Automated refraction machine will be making an appearance too.

We have just placed orders for new air handling units, which change the air in the consulting rooms 6 times an hour and kill 99.7% of all airborne pathogens (including coronavirus) to make sure our rooms are as safe as possible. We expect delivery within a month.


The whole Covid experience has been very challenging, and we cannot thank you enough for your support. Much has changed but we are determined to continue to provide the best optometric and hearing care we can locally.