Opticall Yorkshire Eye Care at home

Who are we?

Opticall Yorkshire is a Yorkshire based independent optician with over twenty years’ experience in providing optical care. We offer a premium service to patients who are unable to visit their local opticians for a regular sight test, both privately and through the NHS.

We visit patients at home and also in nursing, residential and care homes.

We will do a complete evaluation of your prescription leading to a conclusion of what could be the best optical solution for you, be it spectacles, contact lenses, over night vision correction or laser eye surgery.

What do we do?

During the sight test, we will conduct a thorough eye examination and carry out all the necessary checks including pressure and field tests for glaucoma. We check the health of the whole eye with a portable slit lamp and ophthalmoscope, along with a full refraction (sight test) to determine whether there has been a change in your sight and if new glasses are recommended.

We carry a full range of frames for patients who require new glasses to try on during
a home visit. The lenses will be ordered
and once they are ready, we will come back for a second visit to ensure the glasses fit correctly and are comfortable for the patient, making any adjustments at the patient’s home where possible.

Why choose us?

We offer excellent patient service with over twenty years’ experience of professional ophthalmic care. Our aim is for each patient to feel they have experienced a five-star service from the initial phone call through to the final appointment. We strongly believe that each patient should be treated the way that we would want our own elderly relatives to be treated- with premium patient care, dignity and respect.

Due to the nature of working closely with vulnerable adults, we are enhanced DBS checked, and have completed training in Dementia Care (Level 3) and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.

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Am I entitled to a FREE NHS eye test at home?

Patients are entitled to a FREE NHS sight test at home if they can no longer visit a High Street Optician unaccompanied and they fit the following criteria;


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What our customers say

“My experience of using Simon Falk Opticians has been a positive one...


...I felt my eye test was careful and thorough. Armed with an accurate prescription i explained to one of the team requirements for the type of frame I was looking for. she listened carefully and found frames that would be suitable for my prescription as well to my liking. Members of staff are courteous and well organized. I have been using Simon Falk for less than a year but in that time aftercare has been excellent.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon Falk Opticians to friends and family.”


Mrs Cruickshank