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We now stock Tom Davies glasses!

Tom Davies Bespoke – Glasses as unique as you are

Established 10 years ago by British designer Tom Davies, TD Tom Davies has truly revolutionised the eyewear market. No longer do you have to compromise between glasses that are comfortable and those that fit with your personal style.

TD offers something rare to the eyewear world – custom made frames. This service gives you the chance to create one of a kind frames, in perfect harmony with your facial features.

TD Bespoke frames are tailor made for you to every last detail. A series of measurements are taken to ensure the perfect fit and everything from the material used to the colour is up to you. All frames are hand made, engraved with your name and offer a truly bespoke experience.

We are delighted to have been selected to provide Tom Davies frames and we are proud to add them to our current collections.

Visit our exclusive open day on Thursday 7th November for the bespoke Tom Davies experience.


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