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Contact Lenses In Leeds

Who better to advise you on the lenses best suited to you than a team with the experience of ours? We fit all types of contact lenses including bifocals and multifocals.

We have the right contact lenses for you

Our wide range of contact lenses includes one-day disposables to overnight vision correction (ORTHOK) and Myopia management lenses. The team is on hand to advise which is the best option for you and factor in your lifestyle, your needs and your prescription.


We’re a Johnson & Johnson partner practice, and we assist Manchester University with their clinical trials on contact lenses and solutions.

We make the wearing of contact lenses affordable too, with Eyecare+ which spreads the cost into equal monthly direct debit payments and adds in a wealth of other benefits.

We can even help you get rid of daytime contact lenses altogether with Overnight Vision Correction.

For more information about our contact lenses, please contact us at:

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Ortho K

Overnight Vision Correction (Ortho K)

There is an alternative to the surgical intervention of laser eye treatment. Overnight Vision Correction is a safe, vision correction therapy which involves fitting in a lens before bed and removing it each morning.

Benefits include:


  • Freedom from lens wear all day

  • Safe and reversible with no complications

  • A non-surgical alternative for myopia management

  • Very easy adaptation, with only overnight lens wear required


Richard Beck

"It is unusual to watch any rugby game without seeing at least one player lose a contact lens...
...Now I simply put in the iGO lenses before I go to sleep and take them out when I wake up and there it is - perfect vision.


The lenses are really simple to put in, due to them being very small and rigid, and even easier to take out. Since you sleep in the lenses and your eye ball doesn't move, you don't even notice you have the lenses in. 


Like some other iGO users I initially experienced problems at night time from flare around car headlights. However, my iGO optician explained that this was due to me having large pupils and that the problem would be resolved over time by continuing to wear the lenses. iGO lenses have had a massive effect on my career, allowing me to play without worrying about losing a lens and knowing I will have perfect vision for the whole game.”


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