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Coronavirus - contact lens users

Having heard the news Monday evening and the advice to limit non essential travel, I wanted to let you know that as primary health care workers, we will be open as usual.

However, I am acutely conscious that you may not want to travel but also will want to maintain your contact lens supply. As yet we are not advised of a disruption in supply but I suppose it is possible.

Without wanting to create the feeling of stock piling, I think it is becoming more likely we will be limited in our movements in the near future.

Thus, if you would like to order a further supply of lenses, please contact us by phone or email on and we will be happy to help.

The lenses can be delivered directly to you at home. Please let us know if you would like that option.

If you do decide to order an extra supply of lenses I am very happy for you to spread the cost over a number of payments if that helps at all.

I am sorry to write and create this impression but I would like to help my patients maintain a continuity of care.

Stay Well

Best Wishes



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