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Study shows the value of correct testing at your local opticians

A recent press investigation found that 11 out of 12 pairs of ‘ready reader’ glasses carry defects that could cause eye strain for the user.

Ready readers are the ‘off the shelf’ glasses that you can find at leading supermarkets and other retailers. They work by providing a match to your eye prescription. However, after testing glasses of this type at Tesco, WH Smith, M&S, Superdrug, and Poundland the study returned faults in all but one pair.

The glasses with stronger prescriptions has more serious flaws that could easily lead to headaches, eye strain and blurred vision.

The glasses, priced at £1 to £10.50 were tested for a range of criteria including lens strength, alignment and overall effectiveness. Many of the glasses were found to carry a higher or lower strength than the prescription rating suggested. In fact one 1 pair, a £7.50 ready reader from M&S did carry the correct rating.

The real concern of the study was to show people often sidestep an eye examination (many of which are free) and see ready readers as an easy, cheap option.

The trend in ready readers is seen to be one of assumed cost of correctly prescribed glasses from your local optician.

Further research by the College of Optometrists found that only half of 300 ready readers met with British and European standards.


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