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Easter Raffle raising money for a good cause

Congratulations to our winner of our Easter raffle. This is the first of a series of raffles and draws we will be doing over the year – in support of our charity of the year Vision Aid Overseas.

Founded in 1985, Vision Aid Overseas has been trying to help some of the poorest people in the world to see clearly. This is achieved by teaching and training, vision centres and outreach. According to the World Health Organisation restoring sight is one of the most cost-effective interventions to reduce poverty. The huge amount of people that are unable to learn due to the fact that are unable to see properly is estimated as 1.1 billion! We are committed to try and help some of these people who could learn and earn by simply being able to see.

We raffled a Betty’s Easter gift set and raised a fantastic £203

Thank you for the generosity of all our clients.

Watch this space for our next draw which will be 4 premium tickets for the test match at Headingley!


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