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Visual Stress & Colorimetry

We are delighted to launch our new visual stress programme.


Research suggests up to 20% of the population experience discomfort when reading.

Overlay Assessment for visual stress

How we can help

Many people report visual discomfort when reading. This is often known as Visual Stress or Meares-Irlen syndrome.


Changing the background colour of text has been shown to help and colour can be cleverly used to alleviate symptoms of visual stress.


With our RightEye software, we are able to diagnose and then determine the optimum background colour required.


We can then supply coloured overlays, reading guides, clip-on lenses, tinted lenses or even an app link that allows the user to tint their computer screen.


All this at prices that are affordable. The initial consultation is £60.



"Simon Falk eye care offers a service which in my opinion is second to none! 


The practice offers a great personal and efficient service, with knowledgeable staff who are also superbly helpful and accommodating. Simon's dedication to his profession, and to the use of cutting edge technology has proved invaluable to my family in helping to diagnose and treat some reading difficulties that my daughter was experiencing. I can highly recommend this practice."

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