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Discover clear vision without glasses

Sunglasses & Sport

Using our professional skills, we are able to advise on the dangers of all aspects of UV and sunlight protection for all tasks where sun filters maybe needed.

Sunglasses & Sports Brands

We specialise in Maui Jim polarised lenses, Oakley and Sunwise sports eyewear


We also stock major fashion brands such as Tom Ford, Oakley, Prada and RayBan for all of your prescription or non-prescription sunglasses needs.

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Caring for the local community

Active Eyewear

Our experience in sport vision makes our services sought after by the region’s leading sportsmen and women. We look after the needs of the professional players at Yorkshire County Cricket Club, Leeds Rhinos, Leeds Carnegie RUFC and many others.

Sports Eyewear

Sports vision isn’t just confined to eye examination and improving co-ordination – it also covers the provision of glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses for specific and general tasks.

We supply a full range of sports eyewear for all purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you play a fortnightly game of squash, or whether you are a professional sports-person, we can accommodate your visual needs.

Leeds Rhivs

Jane Oughton


“I completed my first triathlon in 2012 without the need for glasses, but nine years on I have to wear them all day long!

I thought I was too old to try contact lenses, so when Simon suggested they are beneficial for multi sports I jumped at the chance. With Julie's expert teaching the learning process of how to insert and remove the lenses was easy. Like any contact lenses newbie I had many questions all of which Julie answered to ease my anxieties. During my trial period I had a few appointments to ensure I had the right prescription for my sporting needs. As always, the friendly Simon Falk staff were there to arrange my appointments and check the lenses were sitting in my eye in the correct place.

I've now completed a few triathlons wearing my contact lenses. With tightly fitting swim goggles I can now see to swim in a straight line. Once out of the water it's straight onto the bike wearing my Sunwise Sports Sunglasses which protect my eyes from wind and anything that might fly into my eyes. The Sports glasses have interchangeable lenses depending on the strength of the sunlight, so they are a very necessary piece of kit! Previously once I was on the run my glasses used to bounce up and down on my nose and  steam up. Now with the contact lenses I can see perfectly!”

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