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Eye Care at Home – A New Partnership

For some time, I have been looking to add home eyecare services to our portfolio.

I am delighted to announce we have formed a partnership with Opticall Yorkshire to provide a first-class home visit service.

Opticall is owned and managed by Caroline Thacker and Sarah Sykes. They both have over 15 years experience within Optics. We have joined together to provide the service.

Caroline graduated from Bradford University and has worked within the domiciliary sector, in high street Optometry and within refractive surgery. Sarah has managed Optegra’s Laser eye centre and managed ophthalmic clinics for over 10 years.

Caroline and Sarah will provide both private and NHS services. If you, friends or family, can’t get out or cannot manage our steps or feel more comfortable at home – we will come to you.

If spectacles are required or you would just like an update to your glasses, they will have access to all the spectacle frames we stock. This means from the comfort of your own home you can access all the great frame ranges we have in the shop.

For lenses we have access to all manufacturers, including Zeiss and Essilor.

If you, friends or family, would like this new service, simply call us on 0330 900 2020 or email

In these difficult times we are delighted to be able to offer a home service which will allow us to provide everything we do in practice, at home.


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