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Green in 2019: Simon Falk Eyecare kicks off the new year with ethical recycling service

Simon Falk Eyecare is hosting an instore recycling point for used contact lenses and packaging to be ethically recycled. We are asking customers to donate used packaging from their contact lenses, as staff aim to collate and donate to a local waste company.

The practice has recognised the ethical importance of recycling and been handing out branded recycled paper bags to all contact lens patients.

Simon Falk says: “We are asking patients to put all their contact lens waste and plastic into the bag and then periodically call into the practice and empty it into a recycle bin that we are having collected monthly, where the plastic will be recycled responsibly.

We have 500 patients using one-day disposable lenses alone which equates to 1000 plastic packs a day, 7000 packs a week and approximately 350,000 packs year. We started the service this week and it has been well received so far”.

The service is available to everyone, not just current patients.

If you would like to know more, please either pop into our store or call us today on 0330 900 2020


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