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Invitation to our SPA DAY

Spa Day 29 November 2023

Come join us on Wednesday, 29 of November for our SPA DAY!

Take this opportunity to feel and look your best heading into 2024.

Let Zoe, a certified stylist and colour specialist, find the perfect frame shape and colour for you, and take advantage of exclusive discounts courtesy of Chris' exacting measurements.


Or enter our raffle draw for two FREE Zest treatments,

We are offering two FREE Zest treatments to two lucky prize winners. Zest is a brand new dry eye treatment suitable for those with blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction and contact lens related dry eye. This revolutionary treatment can provide instant relief lasting for months. Treatments are available at 12pm and 12.30pm on Wednesday 29 November.

To enter buy a raffle ticket for £2.00 all proceeds to St Gemma’s hospice. Zest is usually £120.

Zest (Zocular Eyelid system Treatment)

Discover the secret of eye health with ZEST, an innovative way to give your eyelids and lashes a deep cleansing.

Our specially formulated gel incorporates the finest extract of Okra, renowned for its potency in lifting away oil, dirt, and debris from the delicate eyelids. And that's not all — Okra also calms and soothes inflammation for enhanced comfort. E

xperience the difference after just one treatment: improved dry eye and blepharitis symptoms with long-lasting results. Unlock the power of eye care with ZEST: cleanse and rejuvenate your eyes today!

Looking to revitalise your skin

And don't forget Julie and Leah are offering complimentary Tixel consultations — a non-surgical skin rejuvenation technique that helps improve skin quality and texture.

Plus they're here to provide dry eye discussions and contact lens consultations, so grab this chance to ditch those specs and try something new!

Nibbles and Drinks

Finally, come enjoy some delicious nibbles and drinks with us — plus, when you make a purchase, you'll receive a goody bag, limited supply only!

Transform yourself and support a great cause at our SPA day

The draw will take place on Monday 27th November @ 5pm


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