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Martyn Moxon, Director of Cricket at Yorkshire CC visits Simon Falk

Martyn Moxon, Director of Cricket at Yorkshire CC has had a successful career keeping a close eye on the (cricket) ball, that’s why he knows the importance of regular eye examinations and is the reason he has taken out Simon Falks Eyeplan.

As well as being offered detailed tests and unlimited eyecare appointments, Martyn can get same day emergency appointments.

Martyn used our brand new Optomap Daytona which is engineered with the patients comfort in mind, and gives clear and detailed views of the retina.

Martyn said, “Ensuring my eyes are healthy has always been important to me. Simon Falk are professional, friendly and thorough.

Their brilliant Eyeplan Unlimited service combines all the examinations and services I need. I also get great discounts on frames, lenses and sunglasses.”


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