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Top reasons why people come for an eye test…

Before your eyesight gets as bad as these poor people below why not book at test with Simon Falk today?

Top Reasons

• A lady who took her shoes and socks off in the optometrist’s consultation room thinking she was at the podiatrist (the shop next door)

• A pilot who landed a jumbo jet safely in thick fog but then taxied it the wrong way along the runway

• A student who turned up to the wrong exam room after misreading a sign (and subsequently missed their exam)

• A man who started chatting to a stranger in a bar, thinking it was his girlfriend

• People offending their friends and relatives by failing to recognise them across the street

• A driver who mistook traffic bollards for children in the road (they were found to need glasses for driving)

• A number of people driving the wrong way down a one way street

• A gentleman who had such dense cataracts that he ate his hearing aids, thinking they were cashew nuts (he was later rushed to hospital to have them removed)

• A maths teacher who misread a ‘minus’ sign as an ‘equals’ sign

• Being unable to read the horse names in the Racing Post

• Being unable to see own wrinkles or toenails.


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