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Special lenses designed to slow or halt the progression of Myopia

Hannah, pictured with a hat and sunglasses on, is one of our patients using Hoya Miyosmart Myopic Management Spectacle Lenses. These special lenses are designed to slow or halt the progression of myopia (short-sightedness).

There is now lots of research that myopia is endemic in western world and due to double in next 20 years.

By reducing the degree of myopia in children this will help reduce glaucoma, retinal detachment and other complications associated with myopia in adult life.

Hannah has been wearing Hoya Miyosmart Myopic Management Spectacle Lenses for 9 months now and her prescription has not changed in that time.

One problem we had was that these special lenses cannot be tinted as sunglasses!

However, the clever people at Wolf Eyewear #wolfeyewear have produced some funky frames which are suitable for the lenses but and here’s the clever bit, have a special clip on sunglass that fits on top.

Thus Hannah in her band, which is part of LS18 Rocks was able to sing at the Kirkstall Festival, whilst benefiting form Myopia Management and have UV protection whilst looking good.

We have been providing Myopia Management for some time now using the special spectacle lenses contact lenses and ortho-Keratology (contact lenses you sleep in overnight and remove in the morning and don't need spectacles or contacts during the day).

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