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Simon Falk Eyecare Opening 8 June 2020

Opticians open in Leeds Simon Falk Eyecare Optometrists

I am delighted to advise we will be fully open from Monday 8th June. We have been advised by our professional bodies that visual symptoms are now added to the reasons we can examine patients. This means we can now see patients if they feel their prescription has changed or are having associated symptoms, such as visual stress or eye stress

It will be great to be back, although this does present lots of logistical difficulties.

We will be working under strict social distancing rules and enhanced protection for you and my team.

As you may have seen, I had the practice “ULV 429 fogged” on Thursday, which kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses including coronavirus. During next week stickers, signage and all essential precautions will be in place.

We are only a small shop but we will need to keep our distance to 2m (where possible).

Appointments will be spaced 1 hour apart to us give time for the examination, spectacle dispensing and cleaning in between patients. All frames will be sterilised after being touched.

All necessary PPE will be in place and will be worn (where required).

If you wish to wear a mask then please do so.

Hand sanitiser will be all around the practice and gloves available too. We will do everything to maximise the safety of everyone.

Initially, the number of appointments available each day will be limited and where possible we will triage on the phone to try to assess the urgency of the appointment. We will also have emergency appointments available. However, for now, I have not reopened the online booking system.

As we are taking a step into the unknown, I have decided that all routine contact lens appointments will not start again until Julie is back in practice. I have validated all contact lens prescriptions until 30th September. This means your supply will NOT be interrupted.

I cannot say how pleased we are to be back and to recognise this I have decided that until 30th September all spectacles and sunglasses will be reduced by 20%. (all other offers now end).

Naturally, if you are on the care plan your extra 25% discount will be applied.

We will be open Monday to Friday 9.15am until 5.30pm and closed on Saturdays until further notice.


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