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ZEISS DriveSafe Patient Testimonial

Here's what a patient had to say about their experience with Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses:

"As someone who travels by car, well over 25,000 miles per year, my vision and any associated aids to it are very important. My work as an Emergency Services Driver Trainer requires me to drive and assess others, often at high speeds and in challenging road, weather and traffic conditions. These can be often over long periods of time and as such glasses are an essential piece of kit, as the most important sense for driving is Vision!

I had recently read some reviews of the DriveSafe lenses in a professional journal and decided to treat myself to a pair. I took possession of my new Zeiss spectacles several weeks ago and my immediate impression was that of a very high-quality glass, which they were made from. This of course, I had expected from a worldwide respected name like Zeiss. The lenses are essentially clear, but with a slight blue hue, from certain angles. The frames I had chosen in the Simon Falk Opticians complimented them well, as they were extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Whilst I normally drive using a prescription lens, the moment I wore the Zeiss DriveSafe behind the wheel, I was aware of how they felt significantly better than my usual specs, almost High Definition like. I noticed the overall road layout and identification of other road users was much crisper and sharper. Colours were more discernible, which is important for traffic lights! I found the visual limit point in the distance was clearer, meaning I could scan for hazards more accurately and sooner. This feeling of being able to see things better didn’t diminish with time, in fact it improved. I felt more comfortable raising my observations further to the horizon and taking in things which I wouldn’t have previously been able to. This allowed me to have a more detailed driving plan to assess and priorities hazards effectively.

As the evenings draw in and it gets darker, the Zeiss DriveSafe really come into their own. In low light conditions, the once blinding glare from modern headlights is now significantly reduced, as are reflections from road signs and other street furniture. This benefits a driver in many ways, for example pedestrians and cyclists who could often be hidden by oncoming headlights are now seen and done so in a timely fashion.

I have found that driving for significantly long journeys, especially in the hours of darkness or in poor weather conditions, is much less tiring than it was previously. The reduction in my eye strain and the associated fatigue this causes, means that my journeys are now much safer and more comfortable.

I’m not often inclined to write product reviews, but these lenses have impressed me so much, I felt I had to share my experiences.

As always, the service I have received at Simon Falk Eyecare is impeccable."


ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses are everyday lenses specifically designed to meet the visual needs of drivers. They incorporate lens design features and key technologies to enhance the wearer’s driving experience.

Upgrade your lenses today to discover:

  • Better vision in low light and poor weather conditions

  • Reduced perceived glare at night from oncoming cars or streetlights

  • Accurate vision of the road, dashboard, rear-view mirror and side mirrors

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